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GetFit Weight Loss & Management GLP-1 Program

GetFit Weight Loss & Management GLP-1 Program

At Wellness Home, we are committed to an integrative approach to healthcare, utilizing different kinds of providers and specialists collaborating for treatment.  This model combines a wide range of care provisions, emphasizing a global view of the patient's wellness and health to serve the needs of their Mind, Body, and Soul.  An excellent example of a condition that necessitates an investigative healthcare method is Obesity, and the Wellness Homes of Chicago model offers a comprehensive Weight Management program to address weight-related medical conditions.

Integrative healthcare is a cornerstone of Wellness Homes of Chicago's approach to patient care. By combining both conventional and complementary approaches in a systematic way, integrative health allows different providers or even institutions to address healthcare challenges using multiple approaches to the same patient. An excellent example of a condition that necessitates this model is obesity, and our GetFit program offers a comprehensive weight loss/management model to address weight-related medical infirmities.

GetFit Weight Loss & Management GLP-1 Program

The GetFit Weight Loss & Management GLP-1 Program is a comprehensive wrap-around program that offers an integrative approach to helping you lose and maintain your weight loss through low-impact sustainable lifestyle changes.  We partner with Revolution Therapy and Weight Loss to offer comprehensive wrap-around services that are individualized to each patient. The program includes pharmacological, physical, nutritional, and behavioral support.  

The GetFit GLP-1 Weight Loss Program is a program that is offered in 5 phases:

Phase 1 Quick Start

During this first meeting with our providers, a physical exam is performed to assess the medical reasons that may be preventing you from losing weight. We will also discuss Lifestyle interventions and give an overview of the program. Whether it is Bariatric surgery or a GLP-1 program you are interested in, here is where we begin to get you ready for the next important step in your Weight Loss journey.

Phase 2 Jump Off

This is a second meeting with a provider, 7 days after your first one. Labs will be reviewed, and further discussions on making healthier food choices. It is during this phase that our Weight Loss Coordinator will connect you with other professionals to help you during your journey: Registered Dieticians, Behavioral Health providers, and Physical Therapists, including our partners at Revolution Physical Therapy. Losing weight is only part of the challenge; the GetFit program aims to do nothing less than to change your relationship with food for the rest of your life.

Phase 3  Get Up and Get Moving

You will have your initial meeting with a therapist to help you get up and get moving during a 90-minute benchmarking session to measure your bio-markers.

Phase 4

Phase 5

GLP-1 video

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Weight Loss, Orthopedics Consult, Injury Prevention, Dizziness/Balance, Physical Therapy or Physical Therapy Consultant.

Lifestyle Interventions

Calorie restriction programs

Physical Training Consultations

Behavioral Health Counseling

Optifast Meal Replacement

Other Pharmacological treatments (Program Infusion treatment?)

Hormone Therapy

Bariatric treatment

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