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Wellness Home on Halsted3416 S. Halsted Chicago, IL 60608

Wellness Home on Halsted

3416 S. Halsted Chicago, IL 60608

Wellness Homes of Chicago is committed to providing low barrier access to  health services based upon the needs in specific communities. Due to high emergency room utilization rates in some Chicago neighborhoods, certain Wellness Homes will be offering Immediate Care services to decrease the burden placed these critical resources. The Wellness Home on Halsted is the first such Wellness Home to offer these Immediate Care Services.  

What is an Immediate Care Wellness Home? 

An Immediate Care Wellness Home is a Wellness Home that offers instant professional medical care at a moment’s notice. They are for issues that do not require a visit to an emergency room. These issues are not life-threatening, often minor illnesses or injuries. 

When to Visit an Immediate Care Wellness Home? 

You should visit an Immediate Care Wellness Home if you have acute illnesses or injuries requiring attention from a medical professional.  These might include:

  •    Sore throat                    
  •    Pink eye 
  •    Asthma-related problems         
  •    Removal of  
  •    foreign objects             
  •    Stitches and other laceration treatments 
  •    Common cold & flu 
  •    Allergic reactions (mild) 
  •    Urinalysis 
  •    X-rays 
  •    Flu shots 
  •    Head lice 
  •    Physicals 
  •    Insect or animal bites 
  •    Ear infections 

To learn more about the services provided at Wellness Home on Halsted, please visit our Services and Programs section on the What We Do tab.  Or, contact us directly at 773-823-9434 or email us at .