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Wellness Home at Northstar Healthcare2835 N Sheffield Ave, Chicago, IL 60657

Wellness Home at Northstar Healthcare

2835 N Sheffield Ave, Chicago, IL 60657

The Northstar Healthcare Legacy  

Founded in 1991 by Dr. Daniel S. Berger, Northstar Healthcare has been a leader in HIV treatment research and a key contributor to the development of most antiretroviral drugs of the past 30 years. Until it became part of the Wellness Home Initiative, Northstar was a stand-alone private institution that provided a unique academic and research environment to serve the needs of its clientele.  To date, nearly 200 clinical research trials have been conducted at Northstar under the direction of Dr. Berger, providing our patients access to many therapies and treatments otherwise unavailable in the private sector.  Northstar was even the first private clinic to house its own specialized Walgreens Pharmacy, which to provide close support to our providers at Northstar today.

As healthcare has improved, through the various uses of new technology and medication development, Northstar has remained flexible in catering to the needs of the Lakeview community. Internal medicine issues are managed and treated. Men’s healthcare and consultations related to male-related sexual issues are an integral component of treatment. Individualized approaches to addiction are provided through experienced practitioners and peers who have achieved full recovery are also available. Nutritional assessment and dietary consultations are integrally incorporated in medical treatment and follow-up.  Today, Wellness Home at Northstar provides comprehensive primary wellness & healthcare, which is fully integrated with our behavioral health services.

Northstar is known for providing its’ patients with unique, quality care with hands-on attention. Many of the staff are long-term members which further enhance the steady and stable family-like atmosphere within its sophisticated environment. Whether one comes for general internal medicine services or for more specialized treatment, Northstar enjoys a national reputation; physicians and individuals working in AIDS research and the HIV industry often visit, and patients who live in other distant states readily travel to obtain care from Northstar physicians. Some patients have expressed their feelings by stating that they could not imagine seeking care elsewhere.

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