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Labs, Testing, and Research

Labs, Testing, and Research

Labs and Assessment

Our lab ser­vices team processes most tests in our Wellness Home at Northstar Healthcare.  We offer a full range of clinical tests, Labs are completed onsite, expediting the wait time for patients and returning results as quickly as possible.  We offer point-of-care testing for HIV, Flu, Covid-19, Strep, Hepatitis-C, pregnancy, and other STDs such as Syphillis.  Generally, we can return conclusive results for colon cancer, Gonorrhea and Chlamydia within a couple of days, as well as the BreathTex (H. pylori) test for bacterial infections in the digestive tract such as gerd, acid reflux, and other conditions.  (We also can perform a full drug screen to satisfy employment requirements.)


A clinical trial is a research study that generally investigates and compares two treatments and takes place at special clinics or Universities.  Sometimes all therapies within the study are fully FDA approved while at other times they are partially approved for another indication. In other words, a treatment may be approved for one type of client but now being looked at for a different category or stage.  Northstar has a long history of involvement in clinical research studies, especially in HIV drugs, which has greatly enhanced our patients' access to cutting edge treatments for 30 years.  When a patient enrolls in a clinical trial, he or she not only gains from getting access to cutting-edge treatment, but also contributes to the wealth of knowledge that other future patients and practitioners use to learn about treatment. Thus the patient in a study helps and makes significant “worldly” contributions.

Sometimes, when a study requires the patient to be in the clinic for several hours, the study may pay a stipend for the patients time.  If you would like to know more about our ongoing clinical trials, please contact David Stokes at .

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