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Dr. Anthony OlteanDirector of Behavioral Health Services

Dr. Anthony Oltean

Director of Behavioral Health Services

Dr. Anthony Oltean has been providing individual Psychotherapy and Substance Abuse Counseling, with a specialty in Adult Children of Alcohol and Dysfunction (individual and group approaches), for the past 15 years. His primary approaches to counseling are Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and a 12-Step foundation framework. CBT is one common and evidence-based form of talk-therapy aimed at resolving problems concerning unhealthy emotions, thoughts, and behaviors. When working with addictions, Dr. Oltean tailors the traditional 12-step method to meet your individual needs. Additionally, his approach often requires homework for clients to complete between sessions. 

Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, & Transgender Focus 

For most of us, living an emotionally and physically healthy lifestyle, working and building friendships, finding companionship, is difficult at times and can be disheartening. Dr. Oltean offers therapeutic support aimed at enhancing your natural strengths and coping abilities, as well as providing you the opportunity to try on a new perspective towards your life. He offers therapeutic support for people at all levels of understanding and acceptance of their own sexual orientation, as well as for their loved ones. Coming-out and living an 'open' lifestyle, is often a tumultuous ( though exciting and empowering ) time for people; even under the most amicable circumstances. Although society has moved toward a much more tolerant ( even accepting ) stance on homosexuality and gender-identity, being part of a minority inherently comes with a degree of stigma, insecurity, and shame for many people. As in the case of most minorities in the US today, these social injustices are a reality. Dr. Oltean can help you ( and loved ones ) navigate these experiences, minimize their negative impact, and help you build a healthy approach to living and accepting your life. 

Living Well With HIV/AIDS

People with HIV/AIDS are living long, healthy, productive lives these days. For many people, living with HIV has become a routine similar to those living with other chronic medical conditions, such as diabetes. For others, however, living with HIV/AIDS continues to be a struggle. HIV/AIDS. Additionally, Dr. Oltean can help you balance your time, construct the optimal medication adherence plan, connect to existing social support networks in the city of Chicago, as well as link you to additional services offered through local social services agencies.